About Us

Existence requires maintenance and we constantly try to improve our homes and working spaces, build new houses and continuously keep them in top shape.

Getting our home and office maintenance services can be a drag, we look for plumbers from the plumbers shed, electricians at their workshops, and painters across the streets.We leave our homes and offices in disrepair because we are too busy and sometimes, we can’t find the right artisans.

At Ogaworkman, we understand, so we offer our services to you to help maintain your homes and offices. We also work with you on your new building projects and installations.

From the comfort of your home and offices we really are just a click away.We provide an online platform with hundreds of trained and certified artisans to meet your everyday home and office maintenance service needs.

We bring comfort, convenience and joy installing, repairing, servicing and engaging with you on your new bui

lding projects.

Ogaworkman.com.ng is in the business providing easy access to home and office maintenance, services via our web and online platforms. We have in our pool hundreds of trained and certified artisans with their backgrounds checked; providing home and office maintenance services to the Nigerian populace at premium quality control, effectively regulated, timely and at good bargain price. We are the go-to organization for home maintenance services. Additionally, we provide well-trained and pre-qualified artisan staffing solution to individuals and businesses requiring artisans to work along sides with them whether at construction sites, factories, offices and homes, for short-term or long-term projects and works.

The management of Ogaworkman is made up of professional maintenance Engineers, Information Technology professionals, Business administrators, Home builders and Architects with a combined experience of over 60 years in Estate management and development, Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Finance and logistics, and Architectural business areas within Nigeria and from other parts of the world.

These rich crop of professionals, most of whom have worked within and outside of the country came together, recognizing the pivotal role artisans play in our lives and businesses, appreciating the gaps in capacity and professionalism, and low standards of service provision, aim first to build capacity in artisan’s professionalism and as well provide a reference place for individual families and businesses to procure services for their house/home and office maintenance and service needs, thus enriching client’s maintenance experience on the one hand, whilst also providing a pool of well-trained artisans required for temporary and long-term manpower needs.

Our key value proposition is to make the engagement and procurement of artisan services seamless, effective and affordable whilst also proving a rich pool and reservoir of well trained and qualified artisans ready for deployment in the home and business environment.

               Our Vision

Provision of world class home maintenance services by skilled and qualified Artisans with service offering that compares with the best in the world.

              Our Mission

Providing joyful service, comfort and convenience to clients using skilled, trained and verified artisans.

Our Core values:-

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Commitment

  • Professionalism

  • Customer Service

  • security